Wayne Junction Substation Rehabilitation | Philadelphia, PA


Meliora Design supported the Rehabilitation of Wayne Junction Substation, an electrical facility providing power to half of SEPTA’s regional rail network. Wayne Junction has been in continuous operation since 1931, and many original components were still being used, despite being past their useful life.

Rehabilitation of the substation allowed SEPTA to ensure that the regional rail network continues to provide reliable, high‐quality transportation in the Philadelphia metropolitan area for many years to come.

Meliora provided a structural assessment and report for the existing oil house, outdoor steel gantries, concrete foundations and pads, and the existing substation building and breaker room. We prepared design build documents for the repair and extension of the steel gantries and foundations

Meliora also provided plans and specifications for structural repairs of the masonry walls and lintels, demolition and reconstruction of the control room, and the replacement of the windows, doors and roof membranes. All work completed while the substation was kept in operation.