City of Philadelphia

Bridesburg and Fishtown pools | philadelphia, pa


Meliora is supporting the renovation of public pools and facilities at Bridesburg and Fishtown Recreation Centers. Meliora is providing civil/site design, structural assessments, and structural design of the new pool facilities.

Site design included site layout and grading, pavement jointing, fencing and gates. A new trench drain, several yard drains, and new piping make up the stormwater conveyance system at each site. Each project is under 15,000 sq. ft. of earth disturbance, and is exempt from stormwater management requirements. PWD Conceptual Review permitting applications were submitted for both projects. Both Rec Center renovations include new sidewalks and updated utility connections.

The structural design for both recreation centers includes new foundations, retaining walls, rehabilitation/modification to existing walls and building, and fencing. Alternate details were developed for precast screen walls and steel trellis’ for seating areas.