Established in 2007

In late 2007, mid-career, and just as the Great Recession was beginning, I founded Meliora Design with the idea that creative and sustainable engineering solutions could restore healthy waterways and ecosystems, while also being cost-effective and functional. Engineering informed by nature creates places that are regenerative to both our ecology and our human well-being. The Latin word meliora, which can be translated as "the pursuit of the better" is meant to remind us of this goal. 

While our early work focused exclusively on water resources and green infrastructure, our philosophy of better design now informs all our civil, water resources, and structural engineering.  By creating a culture of collaboration that is open to new ideas, our engineers continually find opportunities to improve sustainability and project outcomes.  That might mean adding solar panels to railroad structures, designing bus wash systems that use captured rainwater, or seeking construction materials with a reduced life cycle impact. We are engineers who ask questions.

As our communities are faced with aging infrastructure, a shifting climate, and limited resources, engineering cannot be static.  The need for innovative and responsible design is greater than ever.  Our vision is a sustainable future, created in part by engineering informed by nature. Our goal is to grow responsibly, working towards this vision with our current and future partners and collaborators.

We always look forward to connecting and partnering with others who share our values and goals. If you see us at conferences, seminars, or meetings, or just want to connect, please say hello!

Michele Adams